Friday, March 2, 2007

How to Change your country in Google Adsense

Can anyone tell me how to change my country on Google's Adsense Account?????

I have shifted to US from Pakistan a couple of months ago. Now that I could find a little bit of time, I checked my Google Adsense account and tried to change my address. To my surprise, the country field was disabled there. I went to Adsense Help and there I read that I have to send an email to the adsense team in order to change my country. But at which address? I couldn't find any customer support email address on their site.

Help Required...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Can you smell the snow here??

Well!! my goodness... its whiteness everywhere.. yeah.. it is snow.. yesterday night I got out of my apartment to find everything covered in snow. I immediately took my wife, piked up my camera and left for a late-night-family-shoot. It was fun. You can have a look as well and feel the cold snow at my MSN Space.