Monday, January 22, 2007

First day at Microsoft

Remember your first day at school or college or university. Well! I don't remember anything about the school but I certainly have many pleasant memories of my first days in university. With same hopes, I entered Microsoft Campus today but could not find any parking in the visitors area. It took me around 10 minutes to find the way to the other parking and guess what ... there was no parking as well. I started thinking would it be as memorable a day as the first day in university. Anyways, I found a parking spot and hurried towards the orientation hall. I had my NEO (New Employee Orientation) in building 43. As I entered the building, I was asked to fill out a form regarding my car so that they can issue a parking pass. "What is my car's registration number", I thought for moment and then rushed to the parking to find the answer. At this point, I was pretty sure that I would forget this day as soon as it ends.

The next 6 hours were probably one of the best time I had. "Microsoft is a BIG company" a known fact to me since childhood; and here this fact was a reality in front of my eyes. My previous employer had 125 employees in the company and here around 200 people were attending NEO and joining Microsoft in a single day. We were given description about the company, the people, the products. I made new friends, one from Canada and one from Mississippi, had my first lunch in Microsoft's Campus and then got a congratulations card which had Bill Gates signatures. That card was enough for making my day. But it wasn't the end, we were given a long list of benefits we would get as a Microsoft Employee.

That was my first day at Microsoft, had a rough start but proved to be a memorable day.

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