Monday, December 18, 2006

Casino Royale

15th December 2006, Premiere of Casino Royale in Pakistan. Some of the enthusiasts, including me, booked the seats two days ahead of the show. Pumped up for all the action, we reached Sozo World (so far the best cinema in Lahore, Pakistan) but …
The movie starts with an exhilirating action sequence, making an impression that the rest of the journey would be as fascinating as this scene, but as the movie progresses, it starts feeling that the starting sequence is there just for the sake of the popular saying “First impression is the last impression”.
The whole movie seems to be a stunning game of gambling in which luck is with Mr.Bond (very predictable). Though, the climax has a twist but not worth mentioning.
On the whole, the movie does not give what was promised and leave the audience unimpressed

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